Motorsport Suspension (Development and production)



img_0477 img_0478 img_0476 img_0475 img_0474img_0473Dear users of equipment for outdoor activities.

Launched a new series of shock absorbers Spectrum Supreme.

This series takes an average price niche between the familiar and you Mono Neo series.

Supreme Series shock absorbers as well as Mono product series are coincident adjustment of compression and rebound adjustment, preload spring. But also have a number of features.

Design features Supreme series:

To improve heat dissipation arising in the process of using external aluminum oil tank on a flexible reinforced hose.

Marked the gas chamber of the shock absorber housing allows on kavadrotsikle greater suspension travel while maintaining the overall length of the damper. (Important for models with structurally short shock absorbers CFmoto x5 / Stels Leopard / Baltmotors Jambo)

Increased by 40% Volume of hydraulic fluid (in comparison with a series of Mono) positively affects the life and stability characteristics of the suspension under intensive work.

A rubber membrane separates the gas chamber (nitrogen) from the oil increases the reliability of the design and specifications. It allows the use of a shock absorber in more extreme conditions.