Motorsport Suspension (Development and production)

SPEC-R project


9The photo shows a proto-class sports car for the absolute standings of the championships of Russia and Europe.
We usually show photos of the racing vehicles of our partners and customers who use our products. Now — the car that we built.

A year ago, we came to the conclusion that for the further development we need more practical work. To be able to develop further, to experiment with new solutions and settings, we decided to build our own car.


Technical data of the SPEC-R project.
Engine — Subaru EJ20. Was chosen for several reasons. The first low center of gravity, the second best axle weight distribution. Thanks to the longitudinal layout, it is shifted closer to the car center.
Power 300-340 hp. (Depending on specification)
Transmission Subaru STI 6 gears. Rear diff — R 180
Final gear ratio — 3.9

Shock Absorbers — Spectrum Suspension SM-50MP NEO.
Stroke 260-300 mm (depending on specification)
3 way adjustments
Hydrobuffer compression.
shock absorbers interchangeable on all 4 wheels.

The power structure of the body is now combined with the rollcage (homologation RAF 88SC_20)
The rollcage, in addition to the main safety function, also distributes the forces coming from the suspension.

Width 1840 mm
Long 3980
Base 2520
Height 1480
Weight 1200kg

2 DSC_6076 9 а4 DSC_6306-Панорама 57

A lot work has already been done, but the most interesting ahead. We are starting the tests.